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2012- Launch: COSMIC THEATER
A New Multiscreen - Mini Planetarium

As part of my upgrades for the coming season I have now created a large multi-screen theater I'm calling the COSMIC THEATER.  The equipment is all installed an I'm just putting the finishing touches on the first few shows.

New Cosmic Theater  

This new 70 seat planetarium like Cosmic Theater will give visitors participating in Full Tours / special events, amazing views of the cosmos.  We now boast almost 25,000 square inches / 30 feet of High Def screens for your viewing pleasure. This is a one of a kind system that developed by me, and well worth the visit.  Currently new content "Cosmic Tour Programs" are in development for the coming year for this new system. 




If you are interested in booking the Observatory for a group, please email the following to Astrorandy(at)  NOTE: Many voice messages have been automatically deleted by the system before I was able to retrieve them, sorry for the inconvience.

Here's some information to help you with your booking request.

WHEN TO COME:  The best time of the month to book the observatory is either during a young moon (3 days old to around the 1st quarter)  this provides a nice view of the moon but the moon is not too bright that it reduces the views of dimmer objects.  The next best time is the period of no moon.  This occurs starting 4 or 5 days after the full moon and runs for 2 weeks.  Also when Considering when you want to book your tour, is the time of day or the "sitting".  During peak season, two group seatings are available.  School groups generally book the early bookings from October to Feb.   Here are some options to consider:

September                 Early booking:  8pm,        Late booking 10:30pm

October                      Early booking:  7pm         Late booking  9:30pm

Nov - Jan                    Early booking:  6:30pm     Late booking  9:30pm

February                     Early booking:  7pm         Late booking  9:30pm

March - April               Early booking: 8pm           Late booking 10:30

May & August                            Only booking 9:00 or 9:30 pm

June / July lack of darkness no bookings

TYPES OF TOURS:  I offer two basic types of tours. 

     1) The FULL TOUR includes a session in the Cosmic theater, which now has over 30 feet of high def screens and seats up to 60 people.  Full tours include beverages and snacks served.  During the tour groups are given an introduction show, then a hands on tour of the universe via the Sky Tour, and then a return warm up show in the Cosmic theater.   FULL TOURS run 2.5 hours

     2) The SKY TOUR is a tour of the universe at the observatory.  Participants take turns looking and learning about objects in the universe.  The objects available to see depend on the time of the year, phase of the moon and conditions of the sky.   Because of the dark sky location, and the quality of the equipment, on a moonless clear night it is possible to see objects 150,000 times fainter then the human eye can see or photograph objects 1,000,000 times fainter.  SKY TOURS run 1.5 hour - 2.5 hours depending on your booking.  With Sky tours your booking the telescopes for a block of time.  Your able to bring as many people as you like.  However, the more people you bring the less time each person has to see through the equipment.  An ideal number is 15 - 20 people. 

TYPES OF BOOKINGS: Once you know when you want to come, and what type of tour you want, lastly you need to decide on the type of booking:

    1) FIXED:  Fixed bookings are for those groups that require the date to be fixed for a number of reasons.  FIXED bookings still come out, cloudy or clear skies.  These are usually Full Tours, and the group is given a number of shows if the sky is cloudy.  Because FIXED bookings do not consume multiple dates, they are given a discount.

    2) FLEX:  Flex bookings enable groups to select one or more alternate dates for their tour.  Should the sky not be clear on the date of the booking, the booking is moved to the alternate date. 

To request your booking please provide the following:


MAIN CONTACT INFO (Telephone, cell, email)

AGE Range (grade /age of kids or Adult only)



DATE(S)  Provide a number of dates that would work for your group. (bookings are on first come first serve)

BOOKING TIME:  Early or Late sitting



FIX Bookings  <25 people  $90,  >25 people $100

FLEX Bookings <25 people $110 >25 people $120  (however, FLEX Bookings who pay at time reservation is made, will be charged same prices as FIX bookings)


FIX BOOKINGS  1.5 Hours $75, 2.5 hours $85

FLEX BOOKINGS  1.5 hours $85, 2.5 hour $95 (however, FLEX Bookings who pay at time reservation is made, will be charged same prices as FIX bookings)

Forward the information to ASTRORANDY (at)

Thank you




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