2014-15 Pricing / Viewing Options

Pricing for 2014 /15 Year

Public Viewing Nights  $10 / vehicle
Includes as many people as you want in your vehicle.  Most Public Viewing Nights start with a hot chocolate / coffee and Show in the Cosmic Theater for those that want to come early and then a "Sky Tour" at the observatory for the remainder of the evening.  Public Viewing Nights are weather dependant and only proceed on good viewing nights.  Many alternative dates are usually posted also. 

Private / Group Tour Bookings:  $75 - $110 (as low as $2 / person)
Depending on the type of tour you want, "Sky Tour" only bookings are at the observatory and start at $75 for 1.5 hours, you decide on your group size, its included in the price.  Full tours with the Cosmic Theater start at $90 and up depending on type of booking (fixed / Flex), length of tour number of people..etc   The Theater can host 70 people, will the observatory has had over 30 people at a time.   Many groups of over 50 people have enjoyed the tour package which makes the price per person very affordable.

Shared Group Bookings  $25 - $50 / group
If your group size is small and you don't mind sharing the tour with 1 or more small groups, we can coordinate a shared private tour.   Prices depend on number of small groups, and type of tour.  

Theme Nights:  $5/person
Monthly, the observatory host a fun and Interesting Theme show in the Cosmic Theater.  Because of limited seating pricing is per person, includes Hot Beverage and a sky tour at the observatory if the sky is clear. 

Enthusist Dark Sky Nights / Public Imaging Nights ($7.50 each or 2 /$12 or 4/$20)
Each month during the dark sky period of with now moon, the observatory hosts a tour for those with an above average interest in astronomy.  Visitors operate the equipment hands on and capture images of nebula and galaxy objects 50+ million light years away.  Images are publish quality and participants are free to use them as they want.  These tours are smaller groups and must be RSVP to reserve space.

Dinner Events:  $25/person $40 / two or Group pricing available 
Every few months we host dinner events for up to 24 people.  These events are usually focused on a topic, tours and specific content.   $40 / couple includes good meal, show, refreshments and desert.  Dinner events usually run about 3 hours.

Fund Raising Events
If your looking for an interesting way to generate money for your not-for-profit group, please contact me for more details

Show schedules are first sent to those on my Email list and many shows get sold out prior to being posted on web site or facebook.  For more information or if you would like to be added to the Email invite list please send Randy an email at Astrorandy(at)tbaytel.net


The New Cosmic Theater, used for Full Tours and Events

Cosmic Theater